Terms and Conditions
This site is not compelled to grant free speech to anyone. What we all have is the right to post here on any topic, as long as we act within the site's guidelines, as outlined below. If our ethos doesn't appeal to you then you might be better off frequenting one of the many other excellent sites on the web.

To promote and preserve this environment there are rules that are monitored and enforced by the Moderating Team. Every member of this site is subject to the site rules as outlined below.

1. You should respect other members and their views at all times, even if you disagree with them. Aggressive or abusive comments aimed at other members or their views are not acceptable. Please think, before you post, about the tone of your words and their adherence to this code of conduct. Actions have consequences.
(a) RESPECT is the key, so please ensure you PLAY THE BALL (the issue) and NOT THE MAN. If you follow this rule, it is likely your stay on here will be a long and positive experience. If you choose to play the man it is very likely there will be some kind of suspension of your account. You have ample opportunity to put your own argument sensibly and reasonably without swearing or personal abuse, which is only likely to result in a similar response. If you make a personal attack against another poster, you will be leaving us, so please be sure before you hit the 'post' button.
(b) Try to use emoticons to take the edge off what might otherwise seem an aggressive post. If you choose not to use smileys, and you are misinterpreted, then you must accept any consequences that might ensue.
(c) If someone makes you angry, take a break before you reply. Carefully consider if you have really appreciated what they meant to say. If you are still upset or offended, then please don?t get into an argument with the other poster - instead, either (i) PM the other person and see if you can reach an amicable resolution or (ii) Report the post to a mod and leave it to the Mod team to decide if the rules have been breached.
(d) Within reason, negative comments are fair game, although we urge you to try to make them as constructive (or at least non-repetitive) as possible. Repetitive posts/threads show a lack of respect to others. These one-trick ponies will be asked to broaden their contributions. Failure to do so will mean a parting of the ways.
(e) 'Stalking' of other posters, either in a forum or via PM, will not be tolerated. If a particular poster bothers you, please use your powers of self-restraint. If you are being harassed by PM or if you feel your posts/threads are constantly being disrupted be a particular user, please contact the Mod team.
(f) Please refrain from posting in capital letters. It?s deemed as ?shouting? it also makes the forums look untidy so if you can?t get your point across without using capitals then please do not post at all.

2. We want to create a pleasant and friendly environment, so please do not post offensive content or unapproved advertising.
(a) This site does not welcome the posting of images of a sexual nature. There are many pornographic sites on the Web; This site is not one of them.
(b) Please do not swear and ensure that thread titles are 'clean'.
(c) If you PUI (Post Under the Influence) you are no less accountable for your words. i.e. being drunk/drugged does not afford an excuse to break the code of conduct.
(d) Please do not use this site for advertising any item for sale for profit without first obtaining permission to do so.

3. Please do not post speculation about people?s private lives or other unsubstantiated gossip. Such gossip is potentially libellous and this site cannot afford to be sued.
(a) It is not enough to simply put ?allegedly? after every sentence ? please do not try and get around this rule by simply removing names or alluding to the persons involved. If you do post such material be prepared for it to be removed.
(b) Please do not post speculation or unsubstantiated gossip about anyone's private life.

4. Make sure the email address in your profile is up-to-date and do not share your login with anyone else.
(a) Your login details are personal to you and if you allow anyone else to use them you will be held responsible for their actions, which may result in your account being suspended.

5. The Mod team is responsible for protecting this site's environment so please acknowledge Mod team messages promptly and courteously, and respect their requests.
(a) When a moderator sends a member a PM to discuss a potential problem, that member's posting rights may be suspended until such time as they reply. Ignoring PMs from the Mod team will lead to account suspension.
(b) A member?s response to a Mod team message is often more important than the original issue. Responding aggressively to a Mod team message is likely to lose you any supporters from within the Mod team ranks, and will invariably lead to a suspension or cessation of access rights.

6. Copying of content, whether from site pages, news articles or from the forum, is forbidden without the express permission of a moderator. Violation of this will result in a suspension of access rights.

7. Infringement card system
(a) Any member breaking one of the above rules leading to an official complaint by one of the site members will be subject to an official warning and will receive a yellow or red card.
(b) As usual with these card, receive two consecutive yellows and you will automatically receive a red card.
(c) Receive a red card and you will automatically receive a ban from the site. Starting with a one day ban the first time, followed by a one week, month, year and life bans.
(d) Each infringement will be judged by the site team on it severity and stronger punishment may also be handed out if necessary.