About the Gibraltar Pool Association

The Gibraltar Pool Association runs 8 ball pool in Gibraltar. Pool is played in various pubs and clubs in Gibraltar but it is the aim of the committee to obtain its own premises in 2009. This will host about four tables and provide a base for the pool playing fraternity.

When the premises are available, coaching for under 18’s can be undertaken and also more time devoted to special needs.

Gibraltar participates in two or three international tournaments each year with funding provided by the Gibraltar Government and also through local sponsorship. The committee are particularly grateful for the Government funding which covers 50% of the cost of attending these international tournaments.

The committee for the GPA is elected at an annual general meeting. The current committee comprises:

President - Gerry Brunt

Vice-President - Alison Balban

Secretary - Val Jarvis

Treasurer - Position not filled

Members - Dave Goodwin

              Leslie Martinez

              Jenny Rumbado

              Owen Torres

              Jen Taylor

              Brian Fa

              Chris Amor

              Sean Rumbado

Welfare Officer - Alison Balban